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CMER, the Center for Movement Education and Research, is a non-profit 501C3 corporation. We want to improve the lives of children by using movement in dynamic, and cutting edge applications to foster health, creativity, and education.

All proceeds from the sales of this DVD go to the CMER in order to support movement education programs for children in the public schools.

One of today's most multitalented television producer/directors and recently a director on the number-one CBS Network hit comedy series, Everybody Loves Raymond; Kenneth Shapiro has been working in television for more than 30 years and is president of CDK Productions, a full service film and video production company. Mr. Shapiro and his family are devoted to helping children in public education and the arts.

is a fun and motivating exercise program recommended for children ages 7-12. This 45 minute DVD will build aerobic capacity, coordination, flexibility, strength, and balance.

Kids Get Movin' has two complete workouts:

   20 min Areobic HIP HOP (cardio)
   20 min YOGA (stretching & relaxation)

Created by UCLA dance educator and dance kinesiologist Judy Gantz, former Fitness Editor of Shape Magazine and founder of The Center for Movement Education & Research.

Children have less opportunity to move during school hours because of the elimination of PE and arts programs from elementary schools. Research has established that movement is the architect of the brain and yet our society is less active and 60% of children are more overweight then 10 years ago.

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For questions or information
about CMER contact:

Director Judy Gantz
Phone: 310 600-0664

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